Wednesday, March 9, 2011

March- Aquamarine!

When I saw this picture, I about flew out of my pants! This was one of my top favorite pictures I have seen done in aquamarine. (Nice rhyme)
Now this is an attic I want to live in! This office would be the most distracting and most interesting space to work in. Paring white with blue is a great way to keep the space light and airy. My all time favorite part of this room is the back wall. First, they have a wall decal of a tree. Then over top of that are these pictures of family maybe..? Creating a family tree? The lamps are very symmetrical to this very eclectic room. Many would think of blue being a seaside retreat but this is more shabby chic. The table is done with impeccable detail. That is what makes the chic into shabby chic. The styling is done with great taste! I would say there is a little too much on the desk. And a lack of storage is key in an office. So we have a great looking room but not that functional.

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