Friday, March 25, 2011

Favorite Thing Friday!

Well as you all know, I went to Leavenworth last weekend and we stopped at an antique store with a lot of great items from the World's Fair (which I am obsessed with) and little things here and there. There were a few things that I loved, such as a metal bread box with Tiffany's Blue sides. From all of the stuff I saw, the one thing that made my favorites list for this week is:
I love mid-century items. This was one of the most interesting dining set I have seen. The swooping of the arm and tapering of the legs are the most thing I love about this piece. Although the seat covers are a beige leather, they looked like it would be an easy fix.The beauty of this whole dining set was that it was only $900! What in the world?!

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Last weekend, my family and I took a day trip over across the mountains to go into Leavenworth.

Leavenworth has it's own style in this little town. Hoping to land tourists from around states surrounding Washington. The head of the community board decided to change what the appearance looked like. Having the beautiful views of the snow capped hills made them think of a Bavarian village. Not only did they change the faces of the town, going from that style, the many festivals for the ones who want to have a little fun but still have the comforts of being in the states including: The Autumn Leaf Festival, and they popular Christmas Lighting Ceremony. By doing these festivals, they have succeeded in what they wanted to achieve. More than one million tourist come to Leavenworth each year. With many stores to look from, I would say it is a great place to go for the weekend or the day! Once you're over there, go check out the local antique store named Apple Annie's Antiques. It is huge!! I found an awesome mid-century dining table and chairs for only $900! It will be my favorite thing for Friday! Stay tunned.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Favorite thing Friday!

This week I went to Crate&Barrel in Bellevue Square. I was there at the right time because they were setting up the new vignettes I saw this one couch that stood out to me.
It is a white leather with a tufted back. I could not sit in it because they were working on the whole idea of the vignette but it looks more comfortable in reality than what the picture has to offer. Over all this is a really great looking modern sofa for under $2,000. Check it out at your local Crate&Barrel:

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

March- Aquamarine!

When I saw this picture, I about flew out of my pants! This was one of my top favorite pictures I have seen done in aquamarine. (Nice rhyme)
Now this is an attic I want to live in! This office would be the most distracting and most interesting space to work in. Paring white with blue is a great way to keep the space light and airy. My all time favorite part of this room is the back wall. First, they have a wall decal of a tree. Then over top of that are these pictures of family maybe..? Creating a family tree? The lamps are very symmetrical to this very eclectic room. Many would think of blue being a seaside retreat but this is more shabby chic. The table is done with impeccable detail. That is what makes the chic into shabby chic. The styling is done with great taste! I would say there is a little too much on the desk. And a lack of storage is key in an office. So we have a great looking room but not that functional.


I know, I know. It is not February anymore. I sat down on the 26th of February and I guess I did not have the guts to post it... This room is not my style but it is done very well. I can appreciate many rooms even though they are not my style. So being in the February mood, here is the room that inspired me to work in all colors:

This room reminds me of a girls room in the attic in an old farm house looking over the land of France. The reason this room was executed correctly was the use of pattern and color. Many would not choose a toile, a check and a bold in the same room. Never fear the use of pattern! The bed makes me think it should be up against a wall like a daybed. Although it is not a day bed, I think you could use it any way. Having the canopy over the bed makes the bed the focal point of the room. Not only do those foot stools look great, they are also very functional! I would recommend the idea of these. They are really great for putting on shoes, socks, extra seating for friends etc. etc. The simplicity of the bedding creates a great non-patterened item in room. All in all we see a successful french county room done in Amethyst!