Tuesday, January 25, 2011


So to begin the year I thought it may be fun to write about birthstones. Each month I will write about a picture of a room that I found to be a clear representation of the colors. Finding rooms that are garnet (Red) is really hard task to accomplish. I looked the other direction and went with an accent color to be the focal point. Here is this months picture.
Although this is an accent color, it is the first thing your eye goes to. Everyone mostly knows of the one who created this. She is Candice Olson of Divine Design and also Candice Tells All. What she has is a gray base around the room. She picks up the gray from the walls and puts it down on the carpet and in the accent pillows and throw. What goes best with gray? Black of course! To top it all off, the touch of unexpected is the zebra rug on top of the carpet. So black, gray, red, white, and brown make up this beautiful 1940's era feeling room into a 2000's greatest hit.

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