Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The New Christmas Tree!

This year for the holiday season I have noticed that there are unconventional ways to make traditional Christmas tree! In this case we have two book cases pushed up against each other. If you have an Expedit book case from IKEA, that work perfectly.

Use hard back books and magazines to make this look!
Where I have also seen unconventional Christmas trees is in CB2's Holiday 2010 magazine. I get them, you get them. What do you do to showcase those Christmas cards from your friends and family? One of CB2's  6-foot high mirrors which they put Christmas cards into a tree. One of my favorite ideas yet I have seen yet. Another idea that CB2 had was a ladder that they decked out as a Christmas tree. Cute idea for a warehouse or a community center or anywhere there are young youth.
In the Real Simple Magazine, they also have a book tree. Although it is smaller, it is great for a buffet or a sofa table where you can enjoy it weather you are sitting on the sofa or simplely walking pass the table.

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