Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April- Diamond!

Bling bling! Here is a room that made me inspired:
When I was looking at what rooms I wanted to write about for the month of April, I wanted something clean, texture, and bright. This room says it all. Here are the things I love, love, love, about this room: the floor is a beautiful wood(?) floor that has some sheen to it. The tile bench gives enough texture to the room to set of that ornate screen. I am pretty sure this room is a dressing room/office. The pendent looks very Victorian and it looks like an easy D.I.Y. craft.
With this room, I tell to you, be creative, whimsical, and be daring. Being creative with your materials. Try to get outdoor lattice and nail it up on either wall or under a chair rail, paint it the same color of your wall and it will look like you have custom details. Being whimsical can be very hard. Either a Jonathan Adler pottery, or a funny piece of art could do the job. How to be daring: People may think of red and black being 'daring' colors but in fact white can be a daring color as well.
All in all, this room is light, bright, daring, and white. Be creative!

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